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Kings never die, they win!

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, which is never reached by the light of the Sun, there are four planets orbiting the bright star. These planets have achieved the peak of their greatness and power. The only thing that can exalt each planet over other three is the lost Crown of Might. Years and years of fierce battles for the lost Crown have not left the galaxy. But seeing that numerous victims do not lead to any results, each planet has decided to choose the strongest and the most unconquerable hero. Four heroes have to compete against each other and the winner will bring respect and the Crown of Might to his planet. So let the competition begin!

Character and Planets

  • Alessa

    Woman at war! A true killing machine.
    Her sword can bring sudden death to any living.

  • Einar

    he had too many battles in his life, nobody knows how many were slaughtered by his axe.

  • Olaf

    He had too many trainers and coaches, also some mysterious warriors called Ninjas.

  • Gun

    They say nobody has seen his face before. his spear is a special gift from gods.

  • Irkalla

    Underworld from which there is no return!

  • Nusa

    Lots of Totems...Don't disturb gods!

  • Lemuria

    A mystic planet, they say no one has found it yet!

  • Camelot

    Cold as Odin's judgement, watch your step!

Game Modes

In-Game Weapons and bonuses

  • Pistol Weapon

  • Rifile Weapon

  • Flame Thrower Weapon

  • Shotgun Weapon

  • Minigun Weapon

  • Rocket Launcher Weapon

  • Sniper Weapon

  • Throw Grenade Weapon

  • Heart Bonus

  • Jetpack Bonus

  • Jetpack Bonus

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